Interview With Telana @telana11​ on IG

How did you get into music?
I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t in music, it’s just kind of happened aha. I’ve always been passionate about it. It was always just a matter of what phase I was in, and how serious I was about it. But all of that kind of grew and refined as i did and as i got to know myself.
What’s next for your music career (any albums, EPS, new songs)?
I have an EP that should be out by fall, so I’m really happy to FINALLY be putting my new music out. i get anxious. haha
What was your favorite Coachella memory?
Coachellaaaaaa oooh i went both weekends this year (maybe a little excessive lol) and i had 2 completely different types of experiences both weekends. The first weekend i got to spend a lot of time with myself and I was alone for most of the first and although I wouldn’t recommend necessarily for the entire weekend, I had a lot of nice time just going to random concerts for people i never heard of and just being in my own world experiencing the music. I loved it. There were also some nice turn up moments lol
Who are some of your favorite musical artists?
I have a very healthy obsession with India Arie. She is my queen, she is my Beyoncé. I love her. I get emotional about my love for her. I am her biggest fan, but other than her I love a lot of soul music and reggae artists. Its constantly changing though. I like to mix the old with the new.
What are some of your career goals?
Career goals… hmm well my main goal for my career is just to be happy and love whatever I do. If I love what I do and I’m authentic to my own integrity than I’m chillin. I never want to compromise my spiritual growth for moneys.<3
Lastly, if you could have any superpower what would it be and why?
WHAT the hardest question everrr but I guess If I could have any superpower it would be some type of like hyper awareness or something random lol

Interview w/ Rollz Royce ~ rollzroycevideo

What is the party scene like in LA and do you like it?
It’s amazing! LA is so spoiled, you can see an M.I.A. Concert , a LANA Del Rey concert , a Le1f show and see all the best underground DJs spin all in the same week! It’s insane, but sometimes you have to be careful because you might have too much fun! 
How did you get into video editing?
I started video editing once I got involved with the Traphouse blog (ttauritraphouse.com). we wanted to blog about all the underground artists we thought were inspiring to us. We were very visual, and since I love music and film so much I wanted to start making videos to bring those special songs to life. I opened up final cut and just started teaching myself and everything else came naturally. My first video was for Sleigh Bells song, “Kids” which they ended up putting on their myspace, I almost died LOL. 
Who are some of your favorite musical artists?
OMG there’s so many, I feel like we live in a very special time and all the music thats being played at all the underground parties is the future. We are living in the future of music right now which I think is so amazing. Of course M.I.A. Is one of the biggest influences on me as an artist, I’m really Into Princess Nokia’s Metallic Butterfly which just came out, I love dj  ZAKMATIC, Svengali, Maluca, all of fade to mind, Total Freedom is my absolute favorite, and I really enjoyed Sky Ferreira’s newest record.  
What are some of your career goals for the year?
My goal is to collaborate with more artists whether it be tour visuals or visuals for a fashion show, but what I really want to do is direct my own live action music videos, not just the YouTube collages for DJs which I’ve been doing for a minute. 
What are some of the albums or releases you are looking forward to this year?
I’m looking forward to hearing LANA Del Rey’s new album ULTRAVIOLENCE , I think she’s bringing a lot of life back to mainstream music even though she’s considered sadcore. I would love to hear more new music from FKA Twigs , Nicki Minaj’s new album should be fun she’s been going hard lately with the rapping, and more music from Kelela. There’s also a lot of underground talent that’s rising from LA that I can’t wait to hear more of. 
Lastly, if you had to be any kind of fruit what kind of fruit would you be and why?
I would be a guava fruit ! They’re tropical and exotic ! :) 
Interview with Yarinka Collucci ~ yarinkacollucci
1. How does music affect your life?
2. You’ve released a lot of tracks lately! Are you thinking about an album release or is that not on your mind?
3. How do you deal with hate?
4. What are some things you want to do career wise in the future?
5. What are some of your favorite fashion brands?
6. If you could be any Disney character which one would you be and why?

Interview With Robyn Thebank : robynhoodscloset

What is the fashion scene like in LA and do you follow trends?
The fashion scene in LA is just super vibrant…..everything is bright and fun and wild!! I love it out here cause it’s got the vibe I’ve always wanted to be around…..very Spice Girls (my fave btw)…..I guess I sort of follow the LA trends but by doing so, you kinda go against all the other fashion trends. I just get really inspired by all the LA fashionistas!
What are some of your favorite fashion brands?
I really love Mamadoux, I feel they’re the most original I’ve seen. Lazy Oaf just has good stuff and I really love all the matchy matchy outfits from O-Mighty
Who ares some of your favorite musical artists/bands?
I’m obsessed with music so there’s a lot of those. Right now I’m on a country kick and my faveorite country band is The Band Perry….they’re so musically dope and deep and dark lol. I’m really into 70s  artist Betty Davis….LOOOOOVEEEE Ike & Tina. Whitney taught me how to sing…..Spice Girls taught me how to LIVE, and Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, and Queen inspire me to be a better songwriter everyday.
Do you like your natural more than your purple hair? Explain why you went purple for a while?
It all depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I loooove the afro cause it’s just so “black power” of me lol. But it gets hard to maintain (it’s the worst trying to comb this shit out ughhhh). And sometimes I just feel kinda purple. Mostly I just wear wigs so it’s not a huge commitment to switch it up so often, which i LOVE. I went purple (it was a weave) for Bonnie’s music video…..she wanted us girls to have skittles hair like her!
What was it like filming the American Girl video with Bonnie Mckee?
It was so much fun filming with her!! We’ve been friends for years (through songwriting) and it was awesome to finally get to do more than write together!! It was super fun and really kawaii, I loved it. The video came out pretty rad too. She made a good choice by choosing me lol just kidding….it was alllll BONNIE!!
Lastly, do you have a hidden talent?
Oh yeah….I can make weird/funny/scary voices lol. I guess it’s not that hidden since technically my job description is vocalist. But I do voice over work sometimes for TV and I’ve gotten pretty good at sounding like a crazy character that could be on one of your favorite cartoons. It’s all good fun!! 
Instagram: @robynthebank 

Interview: sweaterpuppiez

How did you get the idea to start Pillow Talk? It’s one of my favorite blogs ever!

Thank you for reading! That means so much to me! I’ve always been interested in people and their stories. Everyone has different upbringings and therefore different outlooks and experiences. No one relationship is perfect and I wanted a platform where people could share what they’ve been through and hopefully (by opening up) learn a little something about themselves or what they want or just have fun talking about silly shit lol. I’ve always talked with my friends (male and female) about who they’re dating etc. and thought that Pillow Talk would be a fun way to express what I’m passionate about.

Who are some of your favorite musical artists/bands at the moment?

I always have love for southern rap and 2000s rap ha-ha. I will forever bump missy Elliot, lil Kim, Trina, and kelis. I love bad bitches ~ what can I say? ;) I’m also really fucking with spooky black, little dragon, kelela, and dream panther. Its summertime so I’m down for that daytime disco shit by the pool while I sip my margarita :)

Where did the username sweaterpuppiez come from? It’s rad! 

LOL sweater puppies is slang for boobs! I have a DD cup and it’s been an ongoing joke with my friends about how voluptuous my tata’s are LOL. I think someone called them ‘sweater puppies’ jokingly a few years ago and the name just stuck with me ;) 

What’s it like living in LA and do you enjoy it?

Living in LA is definitely an experience… I can’t lie that it’s been a struggle (especially moving from Idaho), but honestly there’s no other place I would rather be. Imagine a city where everyone is hustling to get themselves popping off - it’s inspiring, but a little lonely sometimes because the degree of selfishness that exists here. In LA you can be whoever you want to be and achieve your wildest dreams. If you can squad up and find some ride or die people that’s definitely a plus: P I’m very grateful for all of the friends that have stuck by me and supported me down here!! <33

Lastly, if you could be any Disney princess which one would you be and why?

5) I would be slave princess jasmine because GOTDAMN she is fine as hell in the red outfit ;)))) and I want a tiger as a pet that’s pretty badass. 

Check out Shelby’s fly ass blog Pillow Talk: www.shelbysells.com 

Interview With @itslulo 

What’s the LA club scene like?

It’s really different than other city that’s for sure ha. Every club is guest list (at least the good ones) and the ones that are letting people in with a cover charge run away as fast as you can. It’s usually filled with a bunch of creepy guys surrounding one basic girl lol. As for the good clubs, it’s fun. Mostly because you get to have all your friends in one place, get our own table and drink free bottles. So it’s coo. 👌 

What are some of your favorite bands/artists?

My number 1 fav band is CocoRosie. I see them every time they come to la. I also am really into CHVRCHES, Lorde, and Lana del Rey atm. And I also get down to Beyoncé radio on the reg. :) 

What was the best moment at Coachella this year?

My favorite part was definitely the Neon Carnival! I went last year also and this year Nylon Magazine, Olay & FreshEffects, sponsored it. Everything they had there was amazing. I even got to ride my first Ferris wheel. :) 

What are some of your favorite brands?

Ahhh this is hard I love so many. I am always for the independent designers and brands. I could name a million little brands that not a lot of people know that I love. I could even name some dope etsy shops I love lol

Who are some of your icons/role models (if you have any <3)?

Hm don’t really have any icons or role models I look up to. If you were asking what my fav fashion models were that’s another story ha :)

What’s it like partying with Paris Hilton? Is she lots of fun?

Haha yeah she is. She’s also really funny and one of the sweetest girls I know. She was even being nice to this creepy guy who kept trying to sit with us at this club she was DJ-ing haha

How do you keep your look updated and fresh?

I don’t really think about it to be honest. I just wear the weirdest dumbest shit I find that I like lol

If you could be any movie character whom would you be and why?

Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman BEFORE she started dressing all fancy lol. I always kinda relate to her when she’s walking on Rodeo Drive and everyone looks down on her because how she’s dressed. I’ve gotten stares on the daily everywhere I go since high school but now I just laugh and flip my hair. Lol

Interview: Cocovan @iamcocovan 

How did you get into music and who were/are some of your inspirations in music?

I was trained in classical music, (my dad is a cellist), played the flute and violin in my childhood. I discovered Pop, Hip Hop and Rock music when we got cable TV (my parents didn’t listen to that at all). MTV transformed my childhood dreams forever. I spent all my teens going to (or should I say, crashing) rock shows and that is what really triggered my desire to be on stage and write music. I taught myself the guitar at 16 and started writing songs right away. At first, I was more inspired by Folk, or Pop Rock music such as Lauryn Hill, Coldplay, and Alanis Morissette. And later evolved to a more electronic sound (when I started producing), with influences such as Cyndi Lauper or New Order or Robyn.

I love your style! What do you do to keep it fresh?

Thanks! I do a lot of mood boards; I have tons of folders in my computer with inspiration pics… They’re organized by themes. I brainstorm 24/7. I have a very visual brain I think. My fashion muses are Karl Lagerfeld, French artist Serge Lutens or Grace Jones. I love to shop at thrift stores like Goodwill etc., where you can buy tons of amazing stuff for nothing, and go back often. It allows you to be creative. Also because it’s so cheap, your vision and style can evolve all the time. 

What are some of your career dreams or goals that you want to achieve?

I want to play big venues… And have enough budget to throw amazing, over the top shows :) oh also, I want to win an MTV music award. And record with William Orbit. And meet Prince. But overall my biggest dream is to just be able to keep making music and art everyday.

What was the inspiration behind your red hair?

My best friend Romain Yurkievich. He changes his hair color every week, like a mood ring! He insisted that we dye my hair. So we did. It became kind of a trademark… Even though my hair is brown-ish as I’m speaking to you! 

What was the story behind Mascara? I love the video btw <3

Thanks :) Just an annoying dude breaking my heart for a change! But screw him, as Kim Kardashian says, never cry with fresh makeup! The song is a metaphor to say, I’m a powerful woman that won’t let any worthless guy get in my way.

Then for the video, I wanted something very 80’s, very dramatic, and very glittery. I also LOVE the karaoke aesthetics in general; I think tacky karaokes are visually super cool. I created the video with Romain Yurkievich (that I mentioned earlier); he’s my visual partner in crime :)

Lastly, if you had to be any mythological character (Santa, the Easter Bunny, Headless Horseman, etc.), who would you be and why? 

I’d be an extraterrestrial. Does that work?  A cute one! I’d be ET maybe. Just so I would be able to travel in space. And see space. And know things that we don’t.

Interview: Sineila princessineila

What/who inspires you and your music?
One of my biggest inspiration music-wise is Grimes. She’s been one of my absolute favourites since forever and I think her work is always really refreshing. Other musical artists who inspire me are Crystal Castles, Unicorn Kid and Blackedout. I also get a lot of ideas whenever I go on soundcloud, I can spend hours listening to different artists and taking notes !! Going on tumblr brings me inspiration as well.
Do you want to get more into music?
Definitely! I’ve been interested in music from quite a young age and my love for music in general keeps getting bigger as I grow up. I used to want to be a singer but after discovering some of my favourite producers, I’ve realised singing wasn’t what I liked the most. I hope I’ll get to do some collabs and maybe even release an EP by the end of the year !! :-)
You are so cute! How do you keep it fresh and adorable?
Ahhh thank you !! ^-^ I used to be very self-conscious and insecure but I ended up realising that when I wear clothes that I like or do my hair the way that I want to, I feel a lot more confident! I think it’s important that people give importance to their style since it’s a good way of expressing themselves.
Who are your favorite musical artists?
Marina and the Diamonds will always be my #1. I never get tired of listening to her music or watching her interviews! Some of my other favourites are Florrie, Charli XCX, Grimes, Crystal Castles, X priest X, Die Antwoord, Ludovico Einaudi and ahhh so many more! I’ve also been listening to chillstep a lot lately.
What’s your favorite movie of the moment?
Woah, I really rarely watch movies haha; but I’ve watched GBF about two weeks ago and I really liked it! I think the fact that it included so many stereotypes made it quite interesting. One of my all time favourite movies is Inception, I could literally watch it several times a day! The fact that Hans Zimmer made the score makes me love that movie even more \(^-^)/
If you had to a be any kind of fruit what kind of fruit would you be and why?
Ummmmm I think I’d be a raspberry! They’re one of my favourite fruits ahah ^.^~ Raspberries are sweet and sour at the same time and I get that could kind of describe me (?). That really is a tough question, I’ve never thought about that!

Interview: Plaaastic aka GG

What is life like in Singapore and do you like it more than Vietnam?

Life in Singapore is always spinning around. There is always [really] hot weather and [really] cold people. I don’t really like it here, Vietnam, or more in particular, Hanoi, where I am from is always the best. In Singapore, I am so bored always with nothing to do, I just couldn’t fit in. People in Hanoi are so different. They are the craziest, no boundaries are found there, only chaos, and I know that’s where I will always belong. There is one thing, but one very important thing that makes Singapore better than Hanoi though, and that is the fashion scene. I love the scene here, and the international environment that I can get in. In Singapore everything is available and the people don’t give a damn about [what] you look like. I hate the look of me in Vietnam, wearing the helmet for motorbike and being stared at all day long because i look different.
What are some of your favorite fashion brands at the moment?
Favorite brand at the moment is definitely Somewhere Nowhere, I just did a lookbook shoot for them and they are literally the shit. Unif is another of my all time faves. Some other shops that I just love to wear are LuncchB0xx, Main Frame, O-mighty, and Nikki Lipstick. 
Who are some of your favorite musical artists?
Wow there are so many of them I can’t name it all! I listen to anything, so my favs are from everywhere! “Dragons” by Princess Nokia has been stuck in my head all day. I recently watched Mykki Blanko live in hanoi and he was thebomb.com. Lana is my queennn
No way Princess Nokia is the shit 💖🌸 How do you keep your look and style fresh and updated? Do you think of it as “updated”?
Through Tumblr and Instagram. Basically, everything great in the world is now on Instagram. If it is not, it is probably not that great lol . And I don’t think of it as an “update”, because when I take the information in, the old ones are not outdated and just getting replaced that easy. I think of those things as “influences”, but it is depending on me whether I let them influence me or not. 
Of course I like to keep my self looking fresh always. I never ever want to be that person who stuck with one thing because it looks good on them. I want to be dramatic, I want to wake up everyday and be unable to recognize that face in the mirror. So I will wear anything I want, just like I do whatever I want!!
What is it like having 13k followers on Instagram? Do you think of your followers as your fan base?
It feels kind of funny really. “IRL People” know me as a dancer, and this part of me is hidden away on the Internet. For real, no close friends of mine even follow me on my Insta. But it is great that I have this opportunity to grow, and as the people finding out about me, I will be finding myself as well. I love that I have a land where I can be real and talk to the people who are probably at the other side of the earth but care about the same things that I do. 
I don’t think of my followers are my fan base, because I follow them a lot personally as well, and I love talking to my followers. They are more like my friends who I just haven’t met yet. I love my followers on Instagram, when I am down they are there, when I am happy they are cheering for me.. a lot of opportunity would not be this open door for me without my followers, so I really appreciate it. 😍
Lastly, if you had to be any famous movie star who would you be and why? <3
I think I will be James Franco. Putting nudes on the net, being random, flirting with an underage girl, modeling Gucci, and let’s not even start about Freaks and Greeks omg 💕


Interview: Palma Wright 

Describe the inspiration for Mamadoux and how did you and Elliott Beach come up with the idea. Explain the story behind its creation. 

1. Elliott (Beach) has been writing Mamadoux since his high school French class and at one point even went by Mamadoux. It naturally fell into being the name of his line. Elliott has been designing for some time and basically when we met I saw how EXTREMELY talented he was so I told him I would treat him fairly and invest in him even though I didn’t know shit (at the time). So he said yes and we started the brand together and he just slowly started making pieces :)

How do you keep your hair and look interesting?

 2. I feel like my hair is never interesting enough it’s in a crazy in-between period right now and I sorta hate it but I’m glad other people dig it.

What is the party/club scene like in LA?

3. A bunch of doosh bags that think they’re cool all in black.

What is your definition of a raver/club kid? 

4. Man I’ve been asked this a lot lately and I would say anyone can be. A “CLUB KID” as they used to say a club kid is just a person who expresses him or herself creatively through their look. Some people choose to categorize this as “club kid” if it’s super over-the-top only cuz that’s how the OGz did it in the 80s. “Raver” is simple anyone who is plur vibes, likes house music, and goes to raves or has gone to a rave, believes in the rave culture, relates to it, is inspired by it :)

What are some of your career plans for the future?

5. I don’t really know but I want Mamadoux to be really big and I want to do anything I can get to get Elliott Beach’s pieces seen because I think they’re fucking sick! Hopefully to continue shooting shoot more, start directing music videos or fashion films, DJ, act, rap, style more, do more makeup, travel like crazy, just everything. Life.

Tumblr: hateboy2

Instagram: @hateboy2​ 

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