Interview With @itslulo 

What’s the LA club scene like?

It’s really different than other city that’s for sure ha. Every club is guest list (at least the good ones) and the ones that are letting people in with a cover charge run away as fast as you can. It’s usually filled with a bunch of creepy guys surrounding one basic girl lol. As for the good clubs, it’s fun. Mostly because you get to have all your friends in one place, get our own table and drink free bottles. So it’s coo. 👌 

What are some of your favorite bands/artists?

My number 1 fav band is CocoRosie. I see them every time they come to la. I also am really into CHVRCHES, Lorde, and Lana del Rey atm. And I also get down to Beyoncé radio on the reg. :) 

What was the best moment at Coachella this year?

My favorite part was definitely the Neon Carnival! I went last year also and this year Nylon Magazine, Olay & FreshEffects, sponsored it. Everything they had there was amazing. I even got to ride my first Ferris wheel. :) 

What are some of your favorite brands?

Ahhh this is hard I love so many. I am always for the independent designers and brands. I could name a million little brands that not a lot of people know that I love. I could even name some dope etsy shops I love lol

Who are some of your icons/role models (if you have any <3)?

Hm don’t really have any icons or role models I look up to. If you were asking what my fav fashion models were that’s another story ha :)

What’s it like partying with Paris Hilton? Is she lots of fun?

Haha yeah she is. She’s also really funny and one of the sweetest girls I know. She was even being nice to this creepy guy who kept trying to sit with us at this club she was DJ-ing haha

How do you keep your look updated and fresh?

I don’t really think about it to be honest. I just wear the weirdest dumbest shit I find that I like lol

If you could be any movie character whom would you be and why?

Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman BEFORE she started dressing all fancy lol. I always kinda relate to her when she’s walking on Rodeo Drive and everyone looks down on her because how she’s dressed. I’ve gotten stares on the daily everywhere I go since high school but now I just laugh and flip my hair. Lol

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